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domingo, 14 de novembro de 2010

Worlds 2010

I had to overcome a serious injury on my lower back, that kept me away from training for six months and competitions for a year. Meanwhile the other girls were training hard and competing all over the world.
I did a very good cardio and jiu-jitsu training for this tournament and I was feeling 100 %. In a very good shape. I was there to do my best, I wanted to get my title back.
While i was injured i taught about this tournament everyday, it was my motivation to recover and to train hard. This was my goal.
Saturday, first day of the tournament. We started with the open weight, i had great matches with way stronger girls until the semi-finals, that i lost on points. That made me very sad, it looked like all the training was worthless.

Few minutes later i had to forget about my that match and focus on my weight division, I fought way better, more focused. The truth is : I was really mad. On my semi-finals i won in 40 seconds with a arm lock. Saturday was done for me. I had to relax and focus on my finals that would be Sunday and I had to compete with the same girl that i lost to on the open weight.

I went back to the Hotel, straight to my room, while everybody were at the lobby talking and eating. I order my dinner, watched a movie called Rocky Balboa, to inspire me and relaxe until the next day.

Sunday, The last day:

I had a great night of sleep, woke up early. Had breakfast, Gracie diet : Fruits, Milk...

Back in my room i called Roger and Rilion, to go over some techniques and went straight to the tournament.

The gymnasium was packed, people were going crazy with the fights.

For sure most of them were expecting me to loose, i actually like to go against crowd's expectations. When they are not on my side of course . LOL

I did a very good warm up. i was more than ready. The fight started, i controlled for the whole 10 minutes, but i couldn't score points, so it went to judges decision.
It was 3x0 for me. I WON !!!

OMG i was so happy, i didn't know what to do, i ran to my uncle rillion's arm, one of the best moments of my career.

Everything that you get in life is what you deserved, the main thing is to always keep moving forward and to try your best.

I believed myself more than anyone and i was blessed with this title.

I wanna thank God, my family, training partners and my fans for all the support.

2011 is right in the corner and i want another one.

All the best !

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Kyra Gracie

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  1. That's a great post about how can we focus better during championships to get what we really want and start to improve our strategies to new and major tournaments. It's nice to know that great fighters, as you are, also have to win, first of all, the mind.

    Thanks for the advices and inspiration.


  2. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  3. Em primeiro lugar parabéns pela vitória, atualmente também estou machucado com uma lesão no ombro quase que muito grave, mas é assim que é feita a vida, de derrotas, aprendizados e vitórias, e para completar recebi faixa roxa do meu mestre mesmo estando com o ombro machucado, grandiosa vitória pra mim, agora é me recuperar, e quando me sentir 100% voltar para os campeonatos... Parabéns Kyra. "Disseram pra mim que minha força não era tão grande, e então eu perguntei a quem disse; _ Mas como você sabe que eu não sou forte? Ele respondeu: _Simplesmente sei, você é pequeno e franzino, e então eu disse: _Se Força física fosse sinônimo de vencedor, Eu não existiria!" Deus não dá o fardo maior do que podemos carregar. Abraços...

  4. Kyra,

    moro em Floripa e estou tentando conseguir um livro do Claudinho. Me ajuda! hahah
    Sei que tu não tem muito a ver com isso, mas estou tentando entrar em contato com o pessoal que esteve na festa de lançamento. Mandei um tweet pro Marcelo Alonso, agora com você, vou ver se mando algo para a Paula Sack também. Enfim, não sei se será vendido nas grandes lojas, então estou correndo atrás.

    Beijos, bons treinos!

  5. Congratulations, Kyra! You also did very well with your first posting in English. If you ever need help with English, let me know. I'm an English teacher. :)

  6. queria ter a honra de treinar contigo!!!

    e teu novo kimono é lindo, já encomendei um pra mim!!!



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