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terça-feira, 22 de março de 2011

Gracie Adventure Camp- Costa Rica Report

Hi everyone !!!

I tryed to post about the camp everyday but the wireless signal was bad in our hotel.

I had such a great time in Costa Rica, i could get two things that i like the most in my life : Jiu-jitsu and family.

The group was amazing he had over 50 people training from all over the world, spending time with us.We had two training sessions a day,a lot of jiu-jitsu and also we got together to do the tours and surf.

I learned a lot of jiu-jitsu, made great friends and i know everyone enjoyed as much as i did

The last day i could feel how everyone was sad to go back home, i was with my cousins and uncle Rillion and we talked about how nice it was and we can't wait for the next year.

I wanna thank everyone that made this possible, it was a dream coming true. 6 Gracie is something that had never happen before in a Camp.

We are already thinking about the next Gracie Adventure camp, we are accepting suggestions for places to held the camp.I'm thinking about Playa del Carmem,MX or St Marteen. How about you ?

See you next year !!! OOSSSSS

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  1. Well, thanks to you guys, I had a chance to experience a zip line..I plugged in my fan,aimed it at my face, and set in on full blast to intensify the effect :)

    and thanks to the rafting, and the excellent camera work, I honestly felt the water go up my nose..
    next time warn me! :)

    From the looks of things, it wouldn't matter where you held camp next year, you guys know how to have a good time anywhere :)

    thanks for sharing your memories :)

    +Ian Royball
    +living room tourist, hopeful camper 2012 :)

  2. So glad we get to see Prof Igor's helmet-cam in action!

  3. Awesome place and beautiful natural view. I loved the hanging bridge picture the most as I had a great experience with hanging bridge once in my life.

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